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Image of Fruit TreeWelcome

Welcome to The Garden of Eating — Niagara, a neighbourhood fruit-harvesting program.

At The Garden of Eating — Niagara, we believe in sharing and enjoying the bounty of fruit grown in our own backyards with our neighbours.

Got a fruit tree in your backyard bearing too much fruit for you alone? Are you interested in sharing and trading some of your harvest with your neighbours or community groups? Know of a fruit tree in your neighbourhood that's ripe for the picking? Then consider becoming part of The Garden of Eating — Niagara and getting a residential fruit-picking program started in your neighbourhood.

The Garden of Eating — Niagara picked and delivered more than 900 pounds of mulberries, pears and veggies in 2011!

Thanks for everyone's help making 2011 a great season.

Click here to visit the Garden of Eating — Niagara blog to stay up to date with our harvests.

We're in the process of registering The Garden of Eating — Niagara as a non-profit organization. We're also taking donations to help cover the expense of insurance, and harvesting and canning supplies. Though we can't issue a tax receipt, rest assured your donations will be used only toward costs incurred for necessary goods and services to keep this program going. All time contributed to The Garden of Eating — Niagara is done so voluntarily with no financial remuneration. Instead, we get paid in fruit and the joy in doing something great for our community.

Any donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.